Friday, August 22, 2008

My Stamps


Weird, why did I type 'hello'? I must be thinking that I am typing an email. Mad le.

Remember some time ago I blogged that I went to Beijing? I bought 2 stamps in Beijing bearing my name and my surname. It is so nice to have stamps with your names on it and I can go around stamping all the letters that I sent out.

Recently, I have forgotten about my stamps until I saw it again a few days ago.

Cake+Tea, I can stamp my cards to you next time!

My double stamps. Nice right? The one of the left side has a dragon carved on top and the one on the right has a phoenix on top.

These are the prints I stamped. The 2 stemps are made with different styles. One is the 'yin' style and the other the 'yang' style. I don't know which is which. I forgot. When the maker asked me which style I want, I had a hard time to decide. Finally he convinced me that I should have buy a pair of stamps then I can have both styles.

I think they only cost me about $28 to make and the maker completed it in 30 minutes. Cheap right? You can't find this kind of price in Singapore for 2 stamps lor.


Kongming said...

hm... quite a big 1

Miko said...

looks big on the phot but actually only 2.5cm X 2.5cm. Considered small one.