Monday, August 11, 2008


Not only am I a fanatic for opera, I am also a fanatic for books. I love books, the way they look, the way they are printed and the way they provide information. I especially love books nicely arranged like this.

Awww... So lovely right.. I like to touch the books and flip through them. I like to feel the pages inside and smell them. Mad right? Hahaha many people say I am mad to smell books.

When I was younger, my mum hated to bring me to the bookstore because I will spend HOURS there and she will feel very sian. So most of the time, she will leave me in the bookstore or library then she will go do her own shopping.

I have tons of books at home. So many that I don't dare to buy anymore because I have no space to store them. I told KL that I hope I will have my own library one day. Hahaha...

But I cannot lend books to people even if I have my own library because I don't like dog ears, wrinkled pages or any defects on my books. I also don't like people to open my books too wide when reading them. This will spoil the spine of the books.


fr said...

Hee hee, but got a few books sticking out here and there ...

You really have a lot of books. I also like the smell of new books. I keep mine (not many) in a cupboard. Maybe because no air circulation, the books will not smell nice if keep for too long in the cupboard. But one good thing, very little dust.

Miko said...

actually thats not my bookshelf. I took that at the bookstore. Hahaha.. But I think I got THAT many books lor just that mine are in the store room. That time when we moved house, my mum told me not to unpack the books because too many, no place to put liao..

I like the smell of books regardless of old or new~! hee hee.. old books also got that oldish, antique smell ma.

Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

I love cupboard. Hate dust.

anyways....did anything to anti-moist?

fr said...

put in store room too long, tiny tiny mites might build nests in your books, hahaha

i think cupboard is not too damp because it is closed most of the time, i put some anti-odour camphor blocks in the cupboard to freshen the air