Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Birthday wishes

Birthday wishes from all my friends....

1) MD 12.09am - Did you hear what I said? No? I said Happy Birthday! (The first person to msg me)

2) Lock 1.55am - Let me tell you a secret. Ur growing old! Ur face will soon dissolve into a repulsive mass of wrinkles! Happy Birthday, btw. :) (Lock always msg me weird things on my bday!)

3) LJ 2.01am - 生日快樂!祝你天天開心。永遠漂亮。年年又今日,嵗嵗有今朝!笑口常開哦!

3) Zhenyin 8.23am - Yo, Happy birthday to you =! =!

4) James 9.26am - 美麗育英小姐!祝你生日快樂!做工開心!笑口大大!(What is xiao kou da da?? Hahaha.. )

5) Da Li Qing 11.18am - 生日快樂!Happy Birthday! (surprised she remembered!)

6) Father 11.28am - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! u are now 27 years old! OMG! (My father thought I am 27. What the hell?)

7) Gina 12.50am - Happy Birthday!

8) Fongleng 3.58pm - Miko靚女,生日快樂!祝你天天充滿著驚喜,歡樂!

9) Francis 04.07pm - Hello Nicole! 'Happy Birthday to u'! May all your every wishes come true. But dun be so greedy, a few wishes can come true enough liao, ok! Enjoy your day :-) (This person didn't even know how to spell my name?

10) Andy - Happy to you my friend!

Dun be mistaken that May and YH never sms me.. They did but I can't find the msg leh... Dunno if I have deleted them accidentally. Haiz.. recently can't concentrate on anything. I dunno what I am doing sometimes too so.... paiseh la... May and YH. There are some other birthday which I accidentally deleted cuz my hp msg full le....

This year I got a very important birthday wish and I hope my wish will come true. Normally I don't take birthday wish seriously cuz there is nothing I would like to wish for particularly. Haiz.. Sianz..

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Anonymous said...

happy birday ho!xj