Sunday, April 30, 2006

My job

Wanted to blog about my new job awhile ago but I have been busy blogging about opera that I forgot about it. I know I bias la.. can? Opera more interesting mah.. Now my opera blog got 30 more entries than Mikolah.. aiyoh.. last time both blogs got same number of entries.

I now working at Harbourfront. This job quite stress as there are alot of things to do. Official knock off time is 5.30pm but I seldom leave on the dot. Sian leh. But thinking of the benefits.. Well.. worth it la..

22 days annual leave
full medical coverage
$100 dental coverage
2 mths bonus + extra bonus
occasional company lunch (Just had one at hyatt hotel last week)
Nice sceneries...
5 days week

I am happy with the leave as it means I can go holidays!! yeah!

some photos..

Friday, April 28, 2006


I haven't been blogging here for a long time. Not that I got nothing to blog but I have not time. Haiz, been very busy with my opera and work.

This week...
Mon - SL singing class
Tue - Rehearsal
Wed - SL singing class
Thur - Meeting for perf at Joo Chiat
Fri - Final Rehearsal
Sat - Performance
Sun - SL committee election

I really busy lor.. no time to write a nice, long and crappy blog.

But I will soon.

I will be back.

Trust me.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Ok~ Went to May's birthday chalet yesterday. Quite a lot of people are there but I won't go into details. I reached Pasir Ris at 6.50pm. I told Richard that he must wait for me at Pasir Ris and drive me to the chalet if not I am not going. I will turn back and go home. He say ok ok... In the end, I still waited at Pasir Ris for about 30-40 minutes.....

At the chalet, the people have already started bbqing. Good, I can eat liao. Who knows once I stepped in, HXY tell me the mistakes I made in my song and taught me to sing on the spot. I didn't bring script BUT HXY BROUGHT SCRIPT!!! My god de.. How come she got bring script......

So we started practicing and she taught me some movements, holding the toothbrush as a fan.

Ok.. Show u guys photos~

Gorging... and gorging...

BBQing lor.. I only bbq some prawns and some marshmallows..

Teacher, Miss Tan, act cute....


Eat and eat...
Eat and eat again....
Yh taking photos to put in her blog..

Singing birthday song...

HXY tell May to make a wish. When May is making the wish, Richard say,"You wish to be female lead right.." Then Richard kana beaten up.

Here is a video clip of the violent birthday girl beating up Richard.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


On Friday, I went to Sentosa after work with my 2 ex-colleagues. We wanted to find the abadoned barracks in the middle of Sentosa but we didn't find it in the end as they were being demolished.. so sad.. I was looking forward to visit it. I visited it some years ago, after poly, with some crazy friends. I remember that at that time, one of my friend was driving so we can go around the whole of Sentosa easily and we found this abandoned barracks. This time however, we are not driving so we have to walk. After like 1 hour, my 2 friends were tired so we gave up and took a bus somewhere else.

We arrived at the visitor centre first then we took the Blue line to go to the Ranger Station. We alighted the bus and started walking upwards to find the Allanbrooke Road. Suddenly, We heard a 'ahh..', mp and me turned around and saw that mel was trying to pick up something from the floor. What is it? I thought must be some snail or worm.

We went towards her and saw that she was holding a bat in her hand. Hmmm.. She said she accidentally stepped on the bat without realising. She told us that she was walking and suddenly she felt a vibrate under her foot. Looking down, she realised that she stepped on a bat! Poor bat. I think it is already injured when it is lying on the floor. Yet still kana stepped by Mel.

Can't see properly but that is Mel holding the bat.

She decided to hold the bat all the way when we trek around Sentosa...

Then we continue walking and walking and saw this dunno what camp. Like very ulu and lousy. Mel as k if that is the abandoned barracks. I said that obviously there are many people inside and it is not abandoned.

There was a dead end so we U-turned and saw that there was a shortcut down the slope, so we decided to take the shortcut. It was very dark but luckily MP suddenly fish out a torch. I dunno how come she got a torch. So we continued walking in the dark, across a field and arrive at an open air stage. I took a photo of it but there isn't any orbs on the photo. Oh yah, I was looking for orbs that whole night.

Suddenly Mel exclaim again!

'Pineapple Tree!!!!'

Pineappel tree? pineapples dont grow on trees sia... I turned and saw that it is NOT a pineapple tree. It is just a big tree with leaves that grow the same way as the pineapple. Me and MP laughed.

Mel," tot I saw the biggest pineapple tree on earth."


Then we arrived at another chalet and seaside. We walked along the road, mel still patting the bat. I wanted to go toilet so me and MP went in but I think Mel got some problem going toilet with an injured bat in her hand.

We found another road that I think will lead us to the barracks so we went up. We saw that there was a hotel at the end of the very very dark road which is supposed to lead to a carpark. The hotel is very dark but I think there are some tourists living inside.

Then I took a photo of MP walking. There are actually 2 orbs following her.. :P If you can click on the pic, you click on it to see the bigger version. Cuz u can't see anything when the pic is so small.

Then we walked again and Mel wanted to take a photo too to see if there are any orbs around her.Actually there was one orb. Mel, if you want to see this photo, you can tell me, I will mail you.

Walking again on the road, I spotted a murder. MP called it a murder case. It was certainly bloody and scary.. eeeks.. And MP took a more detailed look to investigate into this mysterious murder crime.

MP is investigating it.. After some discussion, we conclude that the snake was being crushed by some vehicle. Thank you.

Mel said that it is a python.......

AFter that, they were too tired to continue walking so we took a bus to Sunset bay. Mel said there is a pub there.

Then I started taking random photos around the beach and in the pub. I realised that orbs are often by the sea at Sentosa too.

By the beach, an orb followed MP.

I adjusted the brightness and contrast of this photo and found many orbs! look at it!
I took this from the pub. There are so many orbs that i don't bother to circle them. You should see the bigger version of this photo then you can see the orbs clearly. I adjusted the contrast of this photo too to see the orbs..

Mum pressing me to offline liao. need to go make up class.. bye!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Tomb Sweeping

Tomb sweeping day is like a family reunion to me. This year as usual, we are supposed to meet up at my grandma's tomb at 6am. I woke up at 5am... Tired sia. There was a slight traffic jam when we were approaching Lim Chu Kang.

My other relatives already reached there and once we arrived, my parents started cleaning the tomb. All the uncles and aunties started preparing and all the cousins sat at one side, as usual.

After cleaning up, the first round of burning began..... right in front of the tomb.

Burning incense paper... very blurry but artistic right.. hahah

Cousins sitting at the side of the tomb....

Queuing up to pray. We all queue up according to our status. The eldest go first then the second.. and so on..

Scary or not???

Somebody set a big fire on the jin zhi and then shouted... 'huat ah!!'

The sky is getting brighter. It is 6.49am. You see it is very crowded at the cemetery.

After everyone finished praying, we start to burn all the stuff... Burn ah!!! Burn!!!

My grandmother lies in peace here......

Took this before leaving~ Nice view right.. Reminded me of a poem. 千里孤坟无处话凄凉

When we were leaving, there was this long long traffic jam at the other side of the road.

Haha took this for fun.. I think it looks very peaceful leh..

Then we visited another tomb, my great grandmother or grandfather. I don't know. I didnt take the above pic cuz I dont want to go into the bushes and feed mosquitoes.. :P my aunt took it for me....