Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My father brought some durians home because my sister was pestering him for it. So that day he bought some and some weird things happened during our eating session.

First of all, I discovered this super big hole!!

This is like a mega deep hole lor! And inside this mega deep hole is a mega thick durian! I dunno who ate this super big durian though. But all the durians were nice, the seeds were all very small! So although we didn't buy a lot, we had our fill that day. Now just writing about me make me crave for it again!

Secondly, it was my mother. She very what lor. She was laughing and laughing so much and then she tried to throw the seed into a plastic bag opposite her.

My mum laughing like crazy.. then when she threw..... the seed landed...

very far away.... really very not accurate lor. Fly so far away, I had to take a picture and show people!!! Power leh... hahaha.. After this my mum can't stop laughing and laugh laugh laugh all the way.... :D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

JunHua's Wedding

I have come to a stage whereby my friends are getting married at an amazing speed! Thank god I dun have a lot of frens and so my damage wasn't so huge.

Jun hua's wedding was a lunch, not dinner, at Marina Mandarin. I was there quite early and saw that another buddy of mine, Henry, was there as a brother~

Henry the one on the most left, the very thin one. He was my buddy in poly and he knows basically everything about me. That is before he left me and went KK. He was always there when I was sad, happy, angry... When he left, he handed me over to Lock and asked Lock to look after me. So then it became Locky who was always there for me. Ahhh, I am grateful to have these buddies!!!!

Cold dish! With a lobster in the middle watching us eat....

This is En Xi, my friend's daughter! So big already!!! Prettier and prettier also!

As Junhua knows his wife from the school they teaching in, they gave highlighters as a door gift. Quite cute and useful too!

Jun hua and bride..

This dessert is nice! NEver had something like this before in wedding dinner. It was a mango sago with ice cream! Yum! I love ice cream!!

Then as usual, people started asking me when is my turn etc.. I told them my turn will never come! Or maybe it will but when I am 40 years old ok. I still got so many things waiting for me to do. I can't afford to get tied down. Thank goodness another friend, Entaro was with me and he is another one who wants to enjoy single freedom. LOL. So I wasn't the only one around.

After the lunch ended, it was only like 4pm? I still got time to go Marina Square walk walk leh... Later on in the evening, I met Susan they all at Esplanade to watch Nick's play. :) But I hate to wear heels all day!! Dang. Can't change out of them too cuz then I will look weird wearing this dress with flats!