Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Latest Songs

I understand that my friends and me, being ardent fans of Chinese opera, have very little time to look at things outside the opera circle. We are always looking for new opera performances, listening to the music, learning to sing etc. We have no time or little time to do other stuff.

Fortunately for me, I can look at the latest entertainment around in my job therefore keeping me in touch with the outside world.

There was a period of time when I was quite afraid that the trend outside has moved so fast that I will not be able to appreciate them. Like recently, I just don't find the Mando Pop nice anymore. I used to love mpop but I think they are not my kind of music now. Have I grown old and out of touch?? OMG!!!


Thank god, I turned my head around and found out that I now prefer Wpop and Kpop. They sound so much better than the latest Mpop.

Dear friends who feel the same as me, please refer to the latest pop around below which I find very nice!!

The first one, Up All Night by One Direction:

It's not very often that I love all the songs in one album but I really love all the songs in One Direction's album! Up All Night is light hearted and great for a sing-along.

The 2nd one will be I Like It Like That by Hot Chelle Rae:

Not every Hot Chelle Rae's songs I will find appealing but this one is addictive.

Then here are the Kpop, Opera by Super Junior!:

I don't understand how can people not like Suju's songs like this one, Opera. So mega nice! And super addictive, I am listening to this everyday! And their clothes also super nice! I like this kind of clothes.. very cool.

Kpop number 2, Mr Simple by Super Junior:

Another Suju's songs that I listen to everyday. I love their choreography, simplistic and charming!

I also like Shinee's song like Always Love and Lucifer etc but I think their choreography is more complicated that Suju's. Like Shinee's Replay (another song in my daily playlist) is also very nice but the dance moves are very complicated:

That's all folks~ I hope you all enjoy the songs. :D

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