Saturday, June 16, 2012


Today I went to watch the I AM. Smtown movie. It's not a fiction movie for those who didn't see it. It's a ducumentary of the Kpop groups in the SM Entertainment Company. I had to watch this because I love SuJu and Shinee's songs. I have a playlist of their songs in the office and they loop the whole day. lol.... So addicted to listening to them.

Watching I AM brings shiokness to a whole new level!! I was like so shiok to hear Sorry Sorry, Mr Simple, Replay and Lucifer in the theater. The music was loud and the great sound system just blasted me off. The movie was quite expensive, $16 for non-members, $13 for members because it's an exclusive movie. But the price was worth it!!! It was so shiok that I wanna watch it again!!!

I wouldn't say all the members in Shinee and Suju are handsome. Some are really not that handsome but all of them have a certain charm when they do they perfectly choreographed dance.

In the movie, we can see how they practiced and how they trained. Though not alot on that, more on the glam, I still can see the toughness they went through. The korean music companies are famous for their harsh contracts.

After watching the movie and feeling super shiok, I went to meet May for kopi. She said that she has the highest exposure on my blog. Well, thats true because there is basically nothing much to write about YH. And some other friends whom I often go out with might find it offensive to be written.

I told her stuff like I am very tired etc and that I basically have no time for myself and do things that I like. Sometimes I feel that Opera is taking a toll on my life. I need to find a balance in this.

She looked at me with the expressionless face like YH. I said she probably can't understand becaus she doesn't have other hobbies beside opera. She said she has, her hobby is cooking.

I told her, cooking is NOT a hobby!! It's a goddam chore.

A chore is not a hobby...

Cooking is something that housewives are obligated to do even if they don't wanna do it. No choice. She insisted that cooking is her hobby. Ok so be it.

Then I told her I got like lots of interest, so many things I want to do. Like this August, Ekin got a concert in HK but I can't attend, my friends are going there for the concert, I am very tempted to go too!!

Haiz, it's very sad lor. I also wanna see Shinee or Suju's concert, though I know a bit hard cuz I got to camp at the sistic website to snatch tickets.

I said that she won't understand because she doesn't have an idol.

She said she has and her idol is Ah Cheng...


I told her can she stop replying me weird answers??? When I said hobbies, she said cooking. When I said idol, she said Ah Cheng.

She is very off lor....

I don't think I have any friends, ANY friends that ever ever ever told me her idol is Ah Cheng before. She is the first one. Faint or not?????

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