Monday, May 28, 2012

My Evil Rings

Recently there was a sale at Diva and I bought some rings there cuz a few of mine were losing the colour. I chose some that I really liked and happily wore them when I got home...

My mum said that ALL my rings make me look like I belong to some evil sect, 邪教. I never thought they looked like some evil sect accessories. It never crossed my mind when I bought them. Now thinking back, I did bought alot of accessories that looks like evil sect stuff. Like I got this big ass necklace with big crosses all over it. I love that necklace man. And I got a braclet and a hair band with a skull on it.

My friend told me it's unlucky to wear skulls.. Well.. Who cares, I am already so unlucky, can't be anymore unluckier right?

Anyway do you like my rings??? LOL...

Seriously, I don't like cute sweet stuff.. so I dunno why I am a hua dan... Unlike may teng, she like cute, furry stuff.... I don't. I hate it. I don't like hello kitty. I like pink though... but still, I like weird eccentric things.


Anonymous said...

cake + tea,

can you bend your fingers when wearing the first ring?

The first photo's ring, looks a bit like 指套 wore by 慈禧

Miko said...

the ring has flexible joints... so i can still move my fingers.