Sunday, January 09, 2011


Yesterday, MD was a bit too free lah. He came to my place for fun and he was lucky cuz I went home earlier yesterday. It is quite unlike me to home so early. He said he is coming to see if my boss got slack or not but my boss wasn't at my home yesterday.

When he arrived, I was packing clothes, I bought a new dress and a new top for CNY so I told myself I must donate out some clothes if not my cupboard will explode. I told him that I have so many clothes that the whole pile always topple off. The cupboard door is also very hard to slide shut cuz it always got jammed.

I asked my mum and MD, how many clothes they think I have.

My mum super kua zhang lah. She says 500.

MD says 300.

So in my sudden spur of boliaoness, I decided to count my clothes. Actually I think I have only about 200.

And... I was right! LOL, the answer is 228. I have 228 pieces of dresses, skirts, tops and pants.

Not too bad for this little cupboard right? 228 pieces excludes underwear and pyjamas hor.. LOL..

I also discovered alot of clothes with their tags still on them! Meaning I haven't worn at all before since I bought them. It's a very sad case so I decided to bring them out and start wearing them from today. Heh heh..


Anonymous said...

littlebird: many clothes with tags's so much u basicly forgot they exist...coz they just got put away...

I tried put locate, or sort my clothes in a way that I am easy to see and reach.

Miko said...

I am still having problems to sort my clothes in the way u described. My cupboard is way too small~