Sunday, January 04, 2009


My once very good buddy, Henry, came back to Singapore from Sabah a few weeks ago! I haven't seen Henry for a long long time ever since he disappeared from Singapore a few years ago. Sometimes I do miss him and hope that he is still around here. In fact, he was like my brother when we studied together in NYP.

I met Henry at Orchard Taka and he is still as tall as ever. I can spot him from far away. He is around 182cm I think. Poor lock, he must have felt so small beside him. Lol. We met up with Lock and Entaro for dinner at lucky plaza. Lock specially missed his yong chun class just to meet henry. He said that meeting henry is more important than anything.

This guy is henry. He is a funny guy always talking nonsense. We went to KTV that day and we took lots of crazy pictures that day. Unfortunately, some of the photos are with James. Think he sent me the link to the photos but I think I lost it. Anyway, I will upload more photos when I get the link again.

I have a moustache!

Henry is a very good singer. In fact, he can be a professional singer I think. Unfortunately, he isn't 'discovered' yet but I think one day he will.

Me singing~

Lock playing with James super big ass camera. This camera is so damn big and heavy I don't think anyone can imagine. It cost a hefty $8000!!!!! Lock, you better be careful with it! This $8k camera is very good though. It can take photos in this dim KTV room WITHOUT flash and make it look bright. like in a brightly lit room. It's really very good and it can have lots of focus points. $8k leh, what do you think?

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