Sunday, June 25, 2006

Today, I met 2 ex-colleague to got to science centre. You must think that science centre is for kids but I actually think that it is quite fun there. Saw a lot of interesting things although alot of things are there for like 30 years already. Some old experiments are still there since the first time i went to science centre in primary school.

3 tckets I am holding. While waiting for Mel to buy fish dippers and drinks, I took this photo.

OMG! What is MP's head doing in the fruit plate! hahaha.. Like real right.. It is actually mirror effect.

Then I saw this wall with lots of animal models. Kinda nice and I wanted to ask mel and mp to take a photo but they didn't hear me calling them. The animals are very real like they are alive! :)

My friend, Mel, is a human battery. We were doing this experiment to test the amount of static in our body and this mel.. actually scored a 80 and at the second try, she scored over 100! While me and MP only scored about 40.... Hmmm...

woo.. I look so small in this 'BIG' house! hahaha.... cute right.. I like the drawings..

Then I saw this cycle of a foetus.. We were commenting that the head is very big. I think a baby's head will develop first as the brain needs to grow first to absorb information.

Eeee... ugly right..

Hahaha.. I am super muscle kia! hahaha looks like real right...

Mp decided to pretend to be a skeleton. I think the muscle kia one is better. :P funny. This big doll has his chest open and 2 arteries showing. I am pulling his artery and what is mel doing??? Digging his nostrils ah? hahahaha

Look! I can make the ball float! abracadabra.... FLOATO!

There is this dinosaur exhibition going on. I love dinosaurs! The bones here may not be real la but.. I want to see lor. Damn.. When we reached the exhibition hall, it was the closing time of the science centre, 6pm. Close so early. They should be opened till 9pm mah. Saturday some more..

Next time got chance must go again and to watch a movie in the Omni theatre~ Cool!

After the science centre tour, we met up with CK to watch 'The Omen'. It is a satanic and sadistic show. I tot it was kinda gross to see all the killing parts. Suddenly, I felt that I must be careful when I go out and watch the srurroundings around me... eeeek... trauma.


Kongming said...

dont know y. but richard is e first thing tat comes to my mind when i saw pic 7

Miko said...

hahaha crazy~