Friday, April 29, 2011

Library @ Nex

Amai tempted me to borrow books from Nex because the books are so new! LOL, I got fetish for books. Just love the smell, love the beautifully aligned text, love the texture of the paper.

So one day I was at Nex with my mother and I brought her up to the library. I assured her that I won't spend too long in the library. She has got terrible experiences of me spending too much time in bookstores and libraries when I was little. She used to 'throw' me inside a library while she did her shopping and she was back, I was reluctant to leave.

That day I didn't want my mother to wait too long because I can see the 'sian' look in her eyes. So I just randomly picked up 2 books from my favourite author which I reckon that they should be good.

When we were leaving the library my mum offered to return the books for me when I am finished. I said that is a good idea because sometimes the books were overdued and I have no time to return them.

My mum then asked me where is that hole to return the books so I showed her. She then said,"Ooooh, I like to drop the books into the hole, it's very fun!"

So this is the actual reason why she wanna return the books for me. Not because she is afraid that I will get fined again, it's because she enjoys dropping the books off....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

GE 2011!

I have been reading this article from MM Lee's message that Singapore is not Disneyland and apparently, so many people are so PISSED with PAP! I am foreseeing that PAP will have a tough fight this year. So many people are supportin the opposition. I have been reading people's comment and from my one hour reading, I haven't seen even ONE supporter of PAP.

I want to quote some funny things that people are saying.. Some are really rude to MM Lee though

These are NOT my views. I am just quoting!

please of you...please come to my house one of these days asking for my vote...let's us see how loud my door is gonna be slammed on your face! Dunno if that will be included and passed as a crime later in Parliament slamming the door on Minister's face will be a crime

if the current PAAP dream team is not from Disney World then how did Minnie Mouse Tin PL come about?

We don't need another MP that is just there to 'Fill up the seat'. Might as will get any Goofy or Donald Duck to do that..

Actually, Singapore IS Disney Land!!!!! Everything is priced like DisneyLand.

better to retire now. at least you say something like" i m no longer in charge, those younger leaders are running the garment

Nothing to change what. Everything is cheap. Education is cheap. Healthcare is cheap. HDB is cheap. Transport is cheap. Our dear ministers are also cheap.

Guys please pardon The MM he's SENILE I think...LOL.

Does MM Lee stand for Mickey Mouse Lee?

MM Lee , you are right , we the citizen are not living in disney world , we are now living in hell with alot of aliens fight over the jobs and space unlike miw ... miw living in their fantasy world and enjoy watching "survival series" part 5 or "gladiator" part 2 live telecast everyday in this tiny island ... you die your business !

You'd failed badly, LKY. We thought you stay on in government to do some good but apparently you just hang around for the sake of hanging around.

They are trembling now, for they know Judgment Day is coming

Stop flogging a dead horse, just let MBT go in peace.

Funny~ But some are rude like I said.. LOL...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Qing Ming

一年一度的unglam gathering was here again. Yes de, every year we will have this unglam gathering with everyone wearing slippers, shorts, extra large t-shirts, messy hair etc. A total change of what it was like on CNY.

We met up at 6am and the Lim Chu Kang cemeterr. My cousin very jialat. She said she went to chiong the night before till 2am and she is still intoxicated with the alcohol. She looked like a zombie!

For the first time, we bumped into the family of the tomb 2 rows in front of my grandmother's. They were a big family and they make far more noise than us. Considering that we already made a lot of noise at the cemetery at that hour. My cousin told me that she is learning korean and she aims to speak fluent korean like in 1 year. So I think by the next qing ming, we will be able to hear her speak fluent korean! LOL...

Our tomb sweeping event went on smoothly but one family actually overselpt and didn't turn up. My aunt called them and told them they don't have to come anymore cuz we will be done soon.

Newspapers are a must for tomb sweeping, cuz we always need to sit around...

A whole row of news papers where we sat before....

Nicely twirled to a circular shape!!

And very funny, we actually saw someone put a Kong Ming lantern off at the cemetery!! LOL, I was like,"hey look! Got Kong Ming deng!"

But I never took photos of it, it was very cute! It was pink colour... We all watched it float away till it can't be seen. I think I also want to set off a kong ming lantern next year leh. Like very cute. Then we started discussing where the lantern will end up. I am thinking that once the fuel is gone, the lanter will fall gradually. Then if your wishes are written on it, whoever picked up the lantern will read your wishes. Then throw it away. LOL..

After the LCK tomb sweeping, for the first time, we went to Guang Ming Shan to sweep. Normally we will got to my great grandma's tomb at kopi hill but a big tree crashed onto her tomb last year and so her remains were moved to guang ming shan. It was so damn crowded there and very smoky..

The big fire that was used to burn all the offerings were very 壮观 though. Very big fire and it was very very hot to stand around it. Some workers will help us with throwing the offerings into the fire. I wonder, all the offerings burn together, will the dead recieve them? And also, it was so crowded with so many praying at the rows and rows of tables, will the spirit of my ancestors come to our table slot? Probably want to find also cannot find right...

Blogspot is getting from bad to worse. It's paragraphing has got problem leh!!! See the spaces so big! Like shit lor. And I must key in some html codes myself because it doesn't generate them automatically like last time. Dunno what the hell.