Friday, September 30, 2005

Sneaky mother

I have a funny story to tell, at least i think it's funny. As usual, it's about my mother.

One fine night, 12am (Yes, I know shouldn't be wide awake at this hour), my mother, my father and me were watching TV. Nothing much on TV. My mum said," Why that youyi so late haven't come back."

Youyi is my brother.

Just when she said that, we heard some noise of keys tinkling outside our door. Must be Youyi coming back.

After some time, the door did not open and we continue to hear noises from outside.

M: what is taking him so long to come in?

My father walked over to the door and opened it. There youyi is, bending over the shoe rack. I shouted over," Why are you taking so long to come in?!"

He mumbled something and went up to his room.

When he was gone, my father said," I saw him hiding something at our shoe rack or outside."

My mother being the curious and over suspicious one said," I go check what he hide"

Me: " Yeah... got action already! I go take photos for my blog."

So my mother crept quietly to the door and unlock the door with minimal noise.

Sneaky mother crepting out of the door.

She ransacked the shoe rack. hmmm... nothing here....

Then she check out the small storeroom where the electricity and water meter is. erm.. nothing here also. Finally she is convinced that youyi is actually not hiding anything outside.

This is the crime scene.

Tsk tsk... my mother over suspicious liao.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

BBQ Session

Well, somebody is pushing me to quickly post this event. So yah I am going to start writing but I might not be able to finish it today. Just write abit first.

On this faithful Saturday afternoon, I received an SMS.

miko want to go BBQ at East coast tonight?' ( Yah I know the original SMS is not like this but the main idea is there ok?)

home.... I was wondering why last minute then call me.. Anyway, i said ok.

After our opera practice, Richard drove us to supposedly East Coast. I was sitting in between YH and Richard. They as usual must find something to argue about.

Richard: Got bring radio?

YH: No...

Me: Bring radio for what?

Richard: BBQ must have radio mah.. listen to music, make noise, like very havoc. ( Richard didn't say 'havoc' but he said something like that.)

YH: Aiyah don't need la. Nowadays people don't bring radio to East Coast.

Richard: What no need?! Like that don't have the ambiance leh. You see East Coast, everyone got bring radio one!

Me: So fan to bring radio.

Richard: You all don't know how to organize one leh.

YH: Aiyoh, invite you to BBQ you still so fussy!

Richard: If I organize I surely bring radio..

(I thought that was very funny lor. Radio is like in the 70s, those punk carry the big big radio on their shoulders. Suddenly I realized we are at Pasir Ris.)

Me: I thought we are going to East Coast?

Richard: Aiyah no radio go Pasir Ris la.

YH: You sick ah? How come no radio cannot go East Coast?

Richard: Go East Coast without radio very no face. Later ppl walk pass my table I must go hide. Pasir Ris quieter, seldom ppl bring radio.

YH: What kind of logic is that?! East Coast more convenient mah, nearer to my home. Last time take cab from there only $7+.

Richard: Aiyoh, you never see the directory before ah? Pasir Ris is nearer to your house ok. Pasir Ris go down abit is already Punggol, then go down abit more is SengKang already.

YH: Where got? East Coast should be nearer.

Richard: Pasir Ris.

YH: What ever la, find a place near to the toilets.

Richard: Very troublesome leh you. I cannot believe we don't have radio.

(my god.. Back to the radio topic.)


Happily we started the fire and then... KABOOM!!!... There was a big fire burning on the charcoal. The fire was so big that it attracted attention from the other people. Richard tried fanning it to make it smaller but the fire just burned on and on.. I was happily watching then chaos from afar. hahaha...

Finally after some time, the fire got smaller and we started bbqing the chicken wings and hotdogs. Richard did the bbqing as usual but he complained that there were no prawns. Richard is eccentric, I don't know but sometimes his thinking is different and he is very stubborn. Even if he is wrong, he will insist he is right. Normally I can't be bothered.

The chicken wings took a long time cook, so we just did our normal gossiping.

Me: (to May) How is everything in AX? Who is teaching now?

Richard: You cannot say this kind of things to each other!

Me: Why not?

Richard: These things are confidential mah, we cannot talk about each other's troupe.

In my opinion, this is utter rubbish lor. Who the hell cares if I ask about other troupe's affair? The person I am asking can choose to answer or ignore me right.

May: fine lor, now Ah ni help us to rehearse our show.

Richard shot us a dirty look.

I don't care so much, just go somewhere else to eat.

While eating, I heard Richard complaining that they should buy stingray and not those normal fish cuz the fish has a lot of bones. Then he ask.. Got sweet potatoes?



After eating a bit, I decided to go around taking photos with my trusty D500C. A friend commented that the photos I took with D500C is not clear enough.. blah blah.. But who cares, as long as you get the idea of what's going on.

First, I snapped a photo of Richard. The famous one.

Richard, stop complaining!

The chicken wings are marinated by May. Suddenly Richard realized that there is only the middle part of the chicken wing. So he asked May where are the rest. May said something like her dog ate them but actually she purposely bought only the middle section.

This is May, as you can see, she is avoiding my camera. She is too shy.. (yeah right!) and she refuse to appear on my blog! looky, she is wearing her favorite pink colour top. (yah there is a typo, not 'you' should be 'your' but I am lazy to go edit the photo and upload again so just shut up ok?)

I wanted to take photo of YH also but she refused. I told her I can always mosaic her face or put a black rectangle over her eyes so she will look like some criminal but she still rejected my idea. So shy for wat?! My god..

Here is my mum and sis, my mum is really doing the the BBQ, but my sis is just pretending to BBQ for the sake of taking this pic. -_-" She is actually a pig cuz she ate the most that night.

After taking these few pics, Tian and Qiuyue finally arrived, 9:45+pm. We have already done all the BBQ so all of us just sat down at one table to talk and eat. Then this Ah May decide to talk about my blog. Now the whole gang knows that I am actually spilling out the secrets in my blog. What will Richard the sensitive one think?

Anyway, May was animatedly telling the rest what rubbish I wrote in my blog, according to her, the most rubbish one was 'My Blind Camera'. Rubbish meh? Quite interesting what. Chey...

She told me she read all the entries already and the way she tell the others, I almost felt that I have known her all my lifetime! She knows better than my best friend! That's good anyway, all my friends somehow knows each other thru my blog. My polymates mentioned about Richard (muahaha.. funny sia) and May mentioned my polymates.

YH, who has been listening intently, suddenly announced that she wants to write a blog too. She got the web link from me but I wonder if she has started already. Someone comment that YH will give up within 3 days~

After that, everyone start telling me what to write in my blog. So I constantly hear this..:

'remember to write this in your blog.'

'this one must write in your blog hor.'

'faster take picture of this and write in your blog.'

Richard wanted me to take a photo of this :

What's so special about this? You may ask. Nothing actually, just that 2 different kinds of cups suddenly appeared on our table baffled Mr Richard. He wants to know why the hell there are 2 different cups here. The question was never answered.

Richard want to comment that YH is lousy cuz she did not smash her eyes.. oops .. ice properly so that it fit s nicely in the cup and not like one whole lump balancing on the cup. However, YE did not care so much about that.

Richard insist that I take a photo of his nicely smashed ice which fitted totally snugly in his cup. Well yeah.. abit boliao right.

We gossiped about a few things in the BBQ but I can't write it here, who knows who might see this and this innocent little blog will evolve into something evil.

After gossiping, we headed home. My father came to fetch us and before getting into the car, we saw an old neighbour, who was a year younger than me and we used to study in the same primary school. This old neighbour was named, Ah Boy. Ah Boy introduced his wife to us and my mother was like.. *gasped* 'You are married?!'

Then my mum mumbled all the way home about how she envy other children......

Monday, September 26, 2005

Hello Kitty fair~

I can't believe it myself too that I actually went to a Hello Kitty Exhibition today. Hello Kitty isn't really my favourite cartoon character. I prefer southpark. I used to tell my friend that i don't like Hello Kitty because it has a flat face. The only thing i like about hello kitty is the pink colour.

Anyway, i was convinced to go to this exhibition as it is at the Singapore History Musuem. I thought that i can see other interesting things as well.

Oh yah, our dear musuem has moved to Riverside point and i didn't know it. So my friend, michelle, and me walked around the whole of Clarke Quay trying to find the musuem. It was so sweltering hot.. and i got alot of sun tan today!!! -_-

The hello kitty exhibition was just a display of hello kitty stuff on some shelves with some act cute songs playing in the background. My friend hysterically took photos of all the things on display.

Image hosted by
Yeah.... me with the giant Hello Kitty behind. I try to act cute ok. Then i saw this very familiar sight, street opera stage!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
yippeee... i cant control myself so i took some photos with this fake opera stage.

Image hosted by
Anyone want to eat satay? like real right.

Image hosted by
Then i saw this fake boat.~ Row row row a boat.. la la la la...~

Image hosted by
Just look at this miniature coolie quaters! Looks like real right? It looks quite realistic to me. Remind me of my Barbie doll house.
Then i finally saw it.

Image hosted by
I freakin hate the japanese! I don't know why but i just hate the japanese though I still love sushi. However, very unfortunately, I got a japanese name. Is that a coincidence or what?

Image hosted by
~San lun che... pao de kuai... shang mian zuo ge lao tai tai....~ I am lao tai tai here.

Image hosted by
I love artifacts and my favourites are the one from china and my dream is to put a life size terra cotta warrior in my room... how cool is that???

Finally at the end of this entry, i will show you guys the friend who suggested to see Hello Kitty....

Image hosted by

*****End of boring entry. no mood to write leh*****

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Snake in the Nose

Strange title yes? Hahah.... A few days ago, i was watching a documentry about those indian saints. There is this saint who claimed that he got special powers and his nostrils are bigger than normal human's. So the intrigued doctors examined his nose and realised that his nostrils are indeed bigger.

So this saint decide to perform a trick right in the hospital. He took out a small cobra and push it inside one of his nostrils. Slowly he pushed and slowly the head of the cobra emerged from the throat and the indian man pulled out the whole snake from his mouth.

My mother and me were fascinated. My mum thought it was disgusting. Anyway, we decide to do this trick on our own too. So my mum took the rubber snake which she constantly used to scare my sister with and did this...







looks like real right. She actually just hold the snake beside her nose. heh...

Friday, September 23, 2005


Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Ok.. the Opera Basic Movement Class, known as OBMC, is confirmed to be starting tomorrow at Joo Chiat CC 8pm. Please, I urge those who are interested to inform me as we are desperately trying to find students.

It is so difficult to find people interested. They are not interested even tto watch, much less to learn. Anyway, i just want to do some advertisement here in case some individuals happens to pass my my blog and that particular individual love chinese opera. Yeh.. i know it's a slim 0.00001%.

Right now the fee is $95 for 9 lessons. Odd number.. hmmm....

Mid Autumn Festival

Chang E: Don't stop me, I am going to the moon!

Hou Yi: Nooo... Don't do it!

And so Chang E landed on the moon. Stuck there forever and lonely forever. Fortunately, she brought along a bunny to kill her boredom.

Chang E: Bunny Bunny of the moon, tell me who is the fairest of them all!

Bunny: It's you Chang E cuz you are the only one here but soon Mr Neil Armstrong will arrive on this peaceful moon and announce that he is the first man on the Moon.

Chang E: Holy ****! How dare he claim the be the first on the moon. I am the first ok and you, Mr bunny, is the second.


On this wonderful occasion, I asked a few polymates out. I remembered that we used to meet up to eat mooncakes together on this festival. Unfortunately, a few friends were unable to make it, so there were only 4 of us.

Locky brought mooncakes, Amway mooncakes don't play play, James brought pomelos and i only brought my camera. Hehe can't be helped as I was at PJ's ROM earlier on. William brought nothing too. He was late.

We were at a certain park in Ang Mo Kio. From left is me, James, Locky and William. As you see we made a mess on the table but we scraped off the candle wax and cleared the rubbish after the event.

I know the photo is abit small. Hee hee.. want to see close up shots of these 3 yandaos right.


James, William and Locky.

They claimed that they are single and available now so any girls interested to know them can drop me a line or email me.. hee hee..

James once sent me a sms to tell me that i did not mention him in my blog. So here goes.....

James James James James
James James James James
James James James James

There you go.. I think i mention your name more than the others in this entry already.

Lock is talking animatedly with William about his millionaire dream while James is poking his arm. -_-? See the bunch of white stuff? That is not cabbage. It is a bunch of Pomelo skins. James suddenly got this idea of squirting the juice at us by pressing the flesh of the pomelo. Fortunately, Lock and me pretended to be uninterested so he drop the idea.

James is trying something new again. He is burning a piece of the pomelo skin. He wonder if pomelo skin catches fire too. His experiment proves that POMELO SKIN CANNOT CATCH FIRE.

I should have brought marshmallows, then i can bbq them with the candles... awww.. so nice.

Look! Lock is promoting his Amway mooncakes! Everyone listen up. Amway sells mooncakes and they are not bad... going at only.... $22 dollars! Order now and we will throw in a free pomelo! Call within the next 10 minutes we will throw in not 1 but 2 packs of candles. Now that is a good deal! (hahaha..)

Lock should give me some advertisement fee..

This is James creation. How can you vandalise the table? Tsk tsk.....

He is trying to draw xiaoxin with the candle wax. Not bad... i must say, though it is still vandalism.

Anyway we scrapped off all the candle wax before we left. The table was as good as new! Unlike another table next to us. Some moronic kids left a thick layer of wax on the table, poor auntie who got to scrap that table.....

Monday, September 19, 2005

Mr and Mrs Toh (1)

I can now officially announce that Peijia and Francis are now Mr and Mrs Toh.

*throws confetti*

Happy bo? :D

I can't believe it at first. We grew up together, known each other since forever and remain as very good friends for the past 16 years or so and now she is suddenly married! From now on she is no longer Miss Lim. She is now officially a kopi seller.. heh.. kidding.

I arrive quite early at PJ's house but unfortunately, she is not at home. She is still at the bridal shop doing her make up. After 10 minutes, she came back and wow.. she look different yo. Miss Pretty... erm.. or Mrs Pretty. :D

Ok.. Now i shall show u guys Mrs Pretty....

Yeah.. Ta dah! nice or not? nice right. I didn't photoshop her photos alot. Just added a bit of contrast and brightness and changing the background. I am sure PJ will tell me,"Miko! The photo very ugly! Take it off the net leh!"

Relax! It is nice! Trust me.. :D

So after taking the above picture, we set off to the grassroots club at Yio Chu Kang for her Solemnisation (dunno how to spell). Yah yah.. you must be thinking why it is not at the ROM right. Cuz it's a Sunday and ROM is not open! So they invited the Solemniser to the restaurant at Grassroots instead.

Joke: Her husband kept thinking it is Grasshoppers Club. Hahaha.....

Finally we arrived at the restaurant. I remembered that the last time i came here was to attend the first full month celebration of Pan Ling Ling's son. That was like... 4 years ago. Haven't seen them much since that day.

There was another couple was having their wedding lunch at the restaurant. So weird, not wedding dinner but wedding lunch. Anyway, when we walked in, everyone looked at us and gasped. It's the bride! hee hee... They are mistaken, we just walked coolly into a room which PJ booked.

The first thing i saw in the room was this :

This is Mr Teo, the womaniser....sorry wrong spelling... er.. solemniser. He is adjusting the certs and the forms . Suddenly i noticed something. Please look hard into the above picture. I noticed something very strange. Know what?

At first glance, i thought it is a cup of wine, beer etc. However, i noticed that there is steam coming off the liquid surface! It's a boiling wine? Nah, it's a cup of chinese tea. I told PJ about it. She laughed and say i notice boliao things. I told her if it is tea, why not put it in those traditional white tea cups we always use in chinese restaurant. Why put it in a wine glass?? hee hee.. funny.

Oh yah.. on the table you can see PJ's IC. :D

ok ok.. now back to the serious topic. Now we will see PJ and her hubby seated in front of the solemniser looking all serious. Here it is:

Everything is ready, the rings, the flowers, the cert, the pens, the stamp ( i dunno what stamp is that) and the relatives and friends. Peijia looked solemn.

*sings* ~This old man... he play one....~

Nope.. he is not singing. He is giving the couple some instructions.

This is the classic part. The solemniser reads the thingy which says something like,"Do you take Francis Toh as your lawfull husband forever loving him.. blah blah blah..."

Suddenly PJ looked dazed. She realised where she was and what she was doing. She said,"Nooooo......"

All the relatives gasped and PJ picked up her skirt and ran away. I ran after her to get her back to the room.

So here she is, reading the vow. (Kidding.. The above did not happen, i just hallucinated it.)

*sing* ~I love you... Yes i do... Yi zhi zai zhe li baby.... Yi zhi zai ai ni...~

No.. She is not singing.. that was me singing. She just read the vow which says something like,"Iwill put on the ring for you and get married with you." I think for this part, she should memorise the few lines, so that she can look into her husband's eyes with those loving looking eyes. then she will say,"Iwill put on the ring for you and get married with you." Oooh.. that will look more dramatic and romantic than reading it from a piece of paper.

Finally they put on the rings~ Notice that the relatives behhind looked nervous, afraid that PJ will run away again.

After the couuple exchanged rings, PJ smiled happily~ and look! The relatives behind are smiling happily too!

Signing the papers. Everyone was chanting "Sign, sign, sign....."* hee hee..

Argghhh... i can't upload anymore photos!

(to be continued...)

Mr and Mrs Toh (2)

(Continue from Mr and Mrs Toh 1)

After the couple signed the cert, the old man signed too:

The ceremony officially ends here after the old man, and the wittnesses signed the papers. Mr Teo then present the cert to Mr and Mrs Toh.

Ok... now for the photo shooting session, i took quite a number of photos but i will just load a few here. :)

Then we had lunch together in this restaurant:

Yeah... finally after the solemnisation, we can have a hearty lunch! Then i noticed something on my table:

I had tea in wine glass too! Hahaha..... Ok... The lunch was fine. In fact i think it was quite good. Fussy PJ said it was ok.

Finally the last photo of this 2 very long blog entries :

Aaaahhh.. Flowers and ring. You see?

Congrats PJ!

After PJ's ROM, i went to meet my ex polymates to eat mooncakes. Well, that will be another blog entry. :D

* Please note that some parts of the entries are totally fiction. Thank you!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Dinner Cancelled

Oh great... dinner appointment today was cancelled last minute. Once again.. I am really pissed off with all these last minute cancellation.

Kill me..

Irritating Late Comers

Oh my god!!!! Finally I went to watch this Shanghai Pekin Opera at Esplanade title 'The Glorious Zhen Guan Years of Tang Dynasty'. Yah that is a super long name in English but its actually just 4 words in chinese, Zhen Guan Sheng Shi.

There is no words to describe how much i love it. Wow.. The backdrop, the settings, the props, the costumes and best of all the actors and actress. They are FABULOUS! I repeat... Fabulous! I can only say this show is the best Live opera show i have watched so far. Although they are some hiccups int he show, i shall forget about them as the actors really did very well.

Shang Chang Rong: He is in fact the son of the famous Dan actor, Shang Xiao Yun (one of the four great dans). He is refined and natural in his acting. His singing is really good, especially when you hear it live. He adopted the gentle and subtlety of the dan role (i think maybe because his father is a Dan) and the forcefulness of a wusheng in his singing. He is very good in the emotional scenes i think.

Guan Dong Tian: This actor definately has the build to act as an emperor. He is really tall and he made the duke looked like a midget. Hee hee.. In my opnions, i think this emperor is really stylo and suave. He is not handsome but he got the .. style.. So cool! And in the show, he is totally glowing in confidence. Yeah... That is how an emperor should look like, especially Li Shi Min as he is the first emperor of the glorious Tang Dynasty. His singing is good too. Very forceful and like i said, full of confidence. He did the emotional scenes as well as Shang Chang Rong.

Extras: The extra actors and actresses in the show are so good too! Normally people wouldn't notice the extras but i decide that a good troupe should have good extra who do their best despite being an extra. The reactions, the feel and the movements of the extras are so good. They really get into the show and show reactions on their faces to whatever is happening to the main roles. For example: There is a part when the emperor was playing hockey with the Duke. He invited several officials from the western regions to watch their match. The duke lost the match and had to present a treasure to the emperor as a form of a bet. The Duke actually presented a Lady from the Western region as a gift to the emperor. The few western officials face expressions changed, from happy to dismay. Then one of the officials whispered something to another officials and the listening official's face became darker and darker. It is trying to express that the emperor and the duke are too haughty (dunno how to spell that) and they are really upset that a lady from their country is used as a bet for the match.

So you see, even though this scene is totally focusing on the emperor and the duke, the extras did not just stand there and act like wooden blocks. They played their part fully and most importantly naturally. I love watching the extras in such opera shows as I know a real pro troupe will have good extras. :)

Overall, i just simple love the show. Look at the settings!!! the palace and the home of Wei Zheng. Especially the home of Wei Zheng. The stage is so beautifully done up and they changed the backdrops in an amazing speed too. Unlike some troupes that took ages to change the settings. You must see it live to believe it!!!

Chong Sheng love the show too, he told me that he would definitely come to see it again if there is a repeat. I told him i would like to see it again too! I don't mind spending another $45 to watch this show again. It is definitely worth it. DEFINITELY. During the whole show i was watching it with so much concentration that i didn't even blink my eyes fearing that i will miss out some details. Hee hee....

Ok.. Now for the unhappiness that happened during the show. Of course it has got nothing to do with the performers. It's the audience.

I think i will set up some rules here for audience. (Yeah i know i am not in the position to do but just let me do it ok! Shut it.)

1) Late comers should not be entertained!!!!! Damn the people who arrived late at the show last night. Putain.. Some even arrive at scene 2 of the show! how incredible is that. If they really want to see it, then make an effort to come earlier! I was so irritated that for the first 15 minutes after the show started, people kept walking around to find their seats and thus spoiling the my mood. I was already 'into' the show when those freaks come walking down the aisle blocking my mood. #$%#$%... I say, late comers SHOULD NOT be admitted. Damn, the signs outside the theatre says that late comers will not be entertained and they will have to wait for an appropriate moment to enter the theatre, example: intermissions. But hell no, they were let in all the same. Esplanade people should stickt o their words. How can they let these stupid late comers come in? They deserve to miss part of the show because they are late. They should not be admitted! I say all late comers should be left outside the theatre watching the performance through the LCD screens. Yah there are LCDs outside the theater broadcasting whatever is performed inside.

2) People should refrain from anyhow clapping in Pekin Opera. Don't just clap because it is a trend to clap during Pekin Opera performances. You should know when to clap and not clap and shout 'hao' blindly. For the first scene of the show, the audience are simply clapping at every line the main actor is singing. Listen here.. YOU SHOULD ONLY CLAP DURING THE PEAKS. There will normally be a short silence after those peaks meant for audiences to clap. If you watch Pekin Opera often enough you will realise that. Blindly clapping and shouting does not make you an expert in watching opera.

Move on..

3) People should not hum during performances. We did not pay $45 dollars to hear you hum in the theatre. Damn IT! I want to hear the actor's fabulous singing not your lousy out of tune hummings... If you wanna sing, please do it in the toilet when you shower. Thank you, your family can appreciate your singing. -_-"

I think we should assign some police in the show to keep the order and peace. Those noisy people should be caught and thrown out of the theatre for being such a prat.

4) Foot tapping should be forbiddened especially if you are tapping the chair in front of you. Some people like to tap their feet with the rythm thus causing annoyance to whoever sitting in front. Hello! Can you be more considerate? You are disturbing my mood! Yesterday an old man behind me was tapping his foot on my chair and i turned back to shot him a 'you are irritating me' look. heh.. and he stopped. heh... :D

Sorry dude! No pictures of the show as it is forbidden to bring camera into the theatre, dumbo!

Wah... i can't wait to see tonight's show!!!! I am sure it is good. You guys should watch it. You are missing one good show of your life time. Moreover, it is rare that Esplanade such good troupes. I think the last time Shanghai Pekin Opera troupe came was 2 years ago.

I will blog more about tonight's show!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Pop tarts and Rain forests

Hee hee... i am so nice i shall use my lunch tim to tell you guys yet another excerpt from Southpark. This excerpt is about Eric cartman too. He is SO funny because of his dumbness!

This excerpt is from Season 1 titled 'Weight Gain 4000'.

Mr Garrison (teacher) : One of our very own student has won a national prize!

Wendy: wow! I knew i would win!

Mr Garrison: The winner of the national ‘Save Our Fragile Planet’ contest is... ERIC CARTMAN!!

Wendy, Cartman: (shocked) What?!

Cartman: Kick ass.

Stan: That’s impossible!! Cartman doesn’t know a rain forest from a pop-tart!

Cartman: Yeah I do, Pop-Tarts are frosted.

Kyle: Wow, what did you write about, Cartman?

Cartman: (Not remembering) Oh... You know... This and that.

Wendy: He doesn’t even KNOW what he wrote about!

Kyle: What was your paper about, Wendy?

Wendy: My paper was about the suffering of bottle nosed dolphins.

Cartman: Well you see? You shouldn’t have written a paper about dolphins. Dolphins are stupid.

Kyle: Dude, Dolphin’s are like the second smartest animal on the planet!

Cartman: (Guffawing smugly) Oh, right... If they’re so damn smart how come they get caught in those fishing nets all the time?!

Wendy: What?!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I hate last minute changes!

I really hate last minute changes!!! Very unfortunately, i came a few recently which is totally ...... (thinking of words to describe).........

Ok.. lets count them one by one.

1) Mentioned before in previous entry, my good friend promised to go to spizza with me to celebrate my birthday. Last minute he decided that he would prefer to have Briyani. Hello! it's my birthday ok, so you should respect my wish and not yours. You selfish piece of autistic @#$#@.

2) I was really excited about tonight's basic movement class BUT!! A big BUT here! The class was cancelled!! Can you believe it? can you? Sincerely can you???!!! Why.... boo hoo.. The reason is, there is not enough students to pay for the teacher.... Oh man i am so so soooo disappointed. They told me the class will be postponed to next week. Haiz.. I anticipated so much for tonight's class but.. PUTAIN!*

3) Peformance for this Sunday is cancelled? Why?! again.. why must you do this to me? I anticipated alot for this coming performance too as i wanted to do better this time. I was thinking: hmm... i am sure this sunday i can do much better and the audience will cry! (exaggerate abit) But this cursed sms came " performance for sunday is cancelled".

I know i am a mean girl, i like to kill cockroaches with inseccticides, i like to trap beatles with toy cups so that they cannot bump into my hair, i secretly hid my sister's dolls to make her cry, i made my father buy me a memory stick but hey.. i still don't think i deserve this! *sad* i have a hunch that the mooncake eating session this sunday will be canceled last minute too due to some stupid reasons.. putain*...

*putain - means prostitue in french and is a bad word similiar to f#$% in english.


Today, i dealt with a stupid agent again. This world is so full of stupid agents no wondery Aunt Josephine has a phobia for agents. Aunt Josephine, by the way, is a character from the book, A Series of Unfortunate Events. She has a phobia for almost everything but the thing she is afraid of most is Realtors. This book, by the way, is a very funny book. Although it is for children, i enjoyed reading it very much cuz its real funny!!!

Ok back to the stupid agent.

Me : Hello, can i co broke your block 204.

SA (stupid agent) : Yes.

Me : May i know how is the condition of this unit?

SA : Average lor

Me : Is there valuation done or asking?

SA : No value, asking 185K. Are you a coordinator?

Me : Yes.

SA : Can you don't call up agents so early? We need to sleep. (cut the phone on me)

Merde... It's 10:41am for goodness sake and you as an agent should be up earlier reading classifieds and not sleeping comfortably in the bed waiting for houses to come to you lor! 10:41am, lots of people are already working and the birds have already finished their breakfast and my mum is already preparing lunch! For goodness sake, you stupid agent still sleeping and blame me for interrupting your sleep at 10:41AM!

I hope this agent dont close any deals. He can then eat grass and choke on dog's poo. haha.. i am so mean.

I got the bluetooth dongle!

A few things to blog today....

First, my father called me on my hp yesterday afternoon. He asked if i want to buy another memory stick. I told him that i am going to buy a 128mb one since it is cheaper now and 128mb is really enough for me. (currently using 64mb)

He told me that he is in a shop and the 128mb one is $69. whoa... that was cheap. Buy it, i said. So my father said ok.


Later on after work, i met my friend at seoul garden for dinner. It was her treat as a form of birthday present.. So nice! hee hee. But she doesn't seems to like the dinner alot. I personally thought that it was not bad.

Afer a while, there was this 4 people coming into the restaurant and taking seats beside us. I didn't know where these 4 people were from. There was a white man, a black man and 2 girls who looked Chinese but they have the features of an ABC. They keep speaking slangish ang moh which i very kpo and eavesdropped.

Nothing interesting in their conversation, just heard random words like shopping.. bangkok.. etc.

Anyway this ABC look alike girl was seated facing my side, hence diagonally away from me. She was wearing a super low cut blouse and i can almost see everything, in between the meal, she kept kissing her boyfriend. I was kinda irritated by the behaviour..


yeah.. I bought the bluetooth dongle! I went home and immediately tried to load mp3 into my phone and load the photos from the phone to the pc. It took me awhile to understand how the thing works but I was sooooo happy when it worked!! now i can listen to mp3 with my my phone. yeah!


My father gave me the 128mb memory stick last night and he specifically told me that , "You should write this in your blog. Let everyone knows that i bought you something for your birthday! And don't forget to mention that you did not get me a cake for my birthday!"

ok.. i did it. I told the whole world that you got me a birthday present. Thanks!


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Happy Fat Girl

I am a happy fat girl. Yes.... La la la... i am a HAPPY FAT GIRL. So?

Haha.. tonight another good buddy of mine gonna eat dinner with me at Seoul Garden. It has been a long time since i last went there. I remember my classmates used to love going there during poly times but since i graduated, i seldom dine there.

My friend has never been to Seoul Garden before so i told her one day we will go together. Yeah.. So we made it tonight, to celebrate my belated birthday as well.

This dinner is going to make me fat.. but i am a Happy Fat Girl. HFG!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Birthday celebration or company outing?

Yesterday i was supposed to meet Richard for dinner. He gonna give me a treat to celebrate. I was happy at first as i know he will probably invite my other opera friends along then we can gossip, talk rubbish... together.

Unfortunately, i was very kpo, i told susan (my boss, who also do opera) that Richard is inviting me for dinner tonight cuz it's my birth birth birth birthday! ( i dunno where i heard this song from but it just stayed in my mind.)

Susan say: Aiyah u never tell me, if not i can treat u eat lunch. Never mind, this evening i join u all for dinner la. I will treat u all. To thank Richard for his help in our last performance and to thank your mum for ironing the costume.

Oh no.. Susan is a vegetarian. That means we will have to eat in a vegetarian restaurant. Not that i have got anything against vegetarian or vegettables, in fact i love vegetables but today i just dont feel like eating in vegetarian restaurant.

After a while, I got over it and still look forward to tonight's dinner. Susan told Richard she gonna join but we will be late as i knock off at 6pm and we gotta go back tto fetch my mum first. So i told richard, we maybe reach at around 7pm.

After that susan went out, when she came back she told me, "I asked Desmond (My big boss, fussy and strict boss) along leh."

Immediately i jumped.

Me: WHAT?!

Susan: Why leh? He say he want to join your birthday celebration too.

Me: Isn't this personal birthday celebration going to become a company outing like this?

Susan: Won't one lah.

Me: He is boss mah.

Susan: He is your boss and your friend also.

Me: haiz. Ok la. (what more can i say.)

Later on, Desmond came into the office. He invited Sam (Sam is Desmond's boss) over to chat abit. Then i heard the below conversation which freaked me out.

Desmond: Later we gonna have dinner at Lao Di Fang.

Sam: wah, vegetarian restaurant.

Desmond: You want to join or not?

Sam: Can't, gotta go home for dinner.

Desmond: Come la, come sit awhile drink tea.

Sam: Can't leh, cannot go home late tonight.

Desmond: don't say no so fast la, go consider abit. Later if u want to come, u call me ok.

Sam: Ok la see how.

$#%$#% ... this is really a company outing already. I can already imagine all of them talking about properties during dinner and everyone will forget that its actually my bday. When i told susan this, she told me,"good what, then they won't ask you questions, like how old are u.. etc"

good meh?

Then susan say, " i gotta call my husband."

Me: You are going to invite him also?

Susan: Can i? *grin*

Me: You already invited Desmond and Desmond invited Sam, it doesn't make a diff if your husband come.

So in the end, she invited her husband.

At 6:15pm, me and susan left office. It started to rain.. real heavy rain ok! Not only cats and dogs, but lions and elephants. There was abit of a jam and when we reached my home, its already 6:45pm.

After that, we went over to Singapore Post there to fetch susan's husband. There was again, a mega traffic jam. When we reach Singapore post, its already 7:20pm.

Then we got into this MEGA SUPER MULTI ULTRA JAM. The last time i experienced such a jam was when my father drove us to choa chu kang to sweep my grandma's tomb during qing ming 10 years ago.

Wah.... We stuck in the jam from Paya Lebar, all the way to STEVENS rd. The whole CTE and PIE was jammed. Finally we reached our destination, Coronation Plaza, Miao Yi restaurant at 8:30. Richard already foaming in the mouth from hunger.

The dinner was not bad, i was sitting in between richard and desmond. So i didn't take photos. So weird lor.. sitting in between my boss and richard, i just stayed quiet throughout dinner.
My sister was the elated one. She keep blabbering non stop and play with susan.

Finally after dinner, Richard whispered me that we will go for another dinner, another day.

Conclusion: Miao Yi restaurant is not bad and thanks susan for the treat!

Birthday SMS! 2

Yeah... a continuation of sms from yesterday! :D

Here are the sms received later of the day:

Zhen Yin: Hey ya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U! May you perform better n better in ur opera! 4:06pm

Yan Hong: Hapi bday!! 5:13pm

Joseph: Hey, Happy birthday!:) Joseph 6:19pm

PeiJia: Happy bird day to u :) hee:) 6:25pm

Fong Leng: Happie blated birthdae! Hope u had fun n take care ! Smilez :D nitez = 12:37am

Well ya.. that's all i guess, a total of 15 sms received this year. For those who did not sms me..... @#$%^^$ !


Just remember to do it next year. :D

Monday, September 12, 2005

Birthday SMS!

Well well.... Congratulations to me! I hit my target of 10 sms! i secretly made a wish to receive 10 birthday wish sms today. Although 10 is not alot, i am very happy already as i know how lazy and forgetful some of my friends are.

Here are the sms received and arranged in received sequence:

1) Ed : Happy birthday ;) 12:03am

2) James : Happy birthday wo! M I e first to sms u? 12:27am

3) Sheena : Hope i did not disturb u fr getting to sleep... Happy birrthday to u... May u be cheerful always... Have a wonderful day tml... Take care... Gd nite... 1:09am

4) Lock : Everyone pats u on ur back n looks happy on ur birthday, but u know e more birthdays u collect, e closer to death u are. Perhaps tat's why they are so happy. => 8:06am

5) Tian : Sorry, didnt go and watch your performance yesterday, today is your birthday, i wish you happy birthday, stay young forever and may your wishes come true. (this is originally in chinese) 10:09am

6) Henry : Happy birthday!~ 10:26am

7) Ying Pei : Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to my dear friend, happy birthday to you... may your day and year ahead be filled with happiness! muacks 10:53am

8) Richard : Happy birthday to u. wish u all the best. 10:55am

9) Jun Hao : Happy bday miko! May all ur wishes come true! 11:18am

10) May : Happy birthday, my dear.. Wish you stay beautiful always.. 11:19am

Just right.. 10 sms.. hmm i will post again if i receive more. :D

Now i want to give awards..... hee hee

The earliest sms : ED at 12:03am --- Thanks Ed.. thanks for remembering my birthday

The funniest sms : Lock !! --- Thanks Lock, although ur sms is not very kind to me but it made me laugh!

The longest sms : Ying Pei !! --- Thanks YP~

Now for the msn msg i received:

Stephen : ho ho ho.... Yadhtrib yppah!!!!!

Ovaltine : Happy birthday!!~

Amai : Happy birthday!

Jun hao : Happy bday miko!


Lousiest Birthday!

Singing: Its my birthday~ Its my birth birth birth birthday~

Opening this entry with a song, nice? Hee hee... well there's a series of events over the weekend and i am going to start with Saturday first cuz it is damn lousy, the lousiest so far.

I invited a friend to come out to have a dinner with me for my birthday. He told me that he will be working till 5pm and he will meet me around 7pm for dinner at Spizza. Great! I love pizzas. So it was agreed.

At around 5:30, i reached orchard road to collect my P72 (read the post on blind camera) from Sony Service Centre at Wisma. Paid $84 for it. Happy that my camera had a successful operation, i trotted off to shop around abit first at orchard. La la la... ~ it was a wonderful day, little did i know that it is be beginning to my misery.

I shop and i shop... Suddenly i realised that i have forgotten where to meet my friend. Shit.. It is already 7pm and my dumb friend doesn't carry a handphone (HP)!!! Terror!! but there is nothing i can do, can i? I called his home but he is not home yet. Well well, wait for him to call me, i thought. So i continued shopping.

At around 7:30, i decided to take bus to his house at Stevens Road to check if he is home but did not plug in the phone line. (He not only dont carry handphone, he even pull out his telepone line at home so that no one can disturb his little peace. Pui!) So when i was walking towards his house, my phone rang. Finally.

Friend without hp : Hello.

Me : Hey, where are you?

FWH : I am still in school. (he is a teacher)

Me : Ok, so where am i supposed to meet you?

FWH : I told you to come to school to meet me right?!

Me : Did you? I forgot. Anyway, i am alone at Stevens Road.

FWH : What the hell you doing there? BTW, i decided not to go spizzas, we will go to little india to eat briyani.

Me : What the hell?! LITTLE INDIA?! U siao ah! I don't want to eat Indian food! (pissed)

FWH : I suddenly felt like eating briyani.

Me : aiyah watever la, u win lor. Cuz u are treating me and i cant choose anyway.

FWH : You are so stupid, u should have known i am in school.

Me : F#$% la! You think i am the worm in your stomach? You expect me to know every little thing you do? It's all because of your autistic self, you dont want to get a HP. So difficult to find you. You expect me to go to cyber cafe to email you? Just to ask you where are you? Siao leh!

FWH : you should have known i am in school. (damn it.. make me angry)

ME with red face : Come on la. So what if i forgot where to meet you? SO WHAT?? if this happens to any of my friends, i can easily call or sms them lor. But for you this autistic kia, i have to send a bloody email.

FWH : blah blah blah blah.... (forgot what he said cuz i was too pissed)


FWH : you shouldn't shout at me cuz i have been so nice to you!

Me : See you at Newton MRT lah.

and so i walked... from Stevens Road to Newton MRT.......

Walking along this long stretech of road towards Newton MRT, i felt really pissed as i walked. finally i reached Newton 20 minutes later. And i saw this friend at the phone booth trying to call me.

*too pissed to continue.. shall skip to our arrival at little india*

Along the mrt trip, i said nothing at all. Finally we arrived at this Little India, in a kopitiam called 'Blue Diamond'.

Took this photo while walking towards 'Blue Diamond'. Just want to show you guys that i went to this place to celebrate my bday. Ooooh.... how very romantic *sacarstic tone*

We went into the kopitiam and being my stubborn self, i refuse to buy anything there.

FWH: what you want?

Me: I dont want anything. just buy for yourself.

And so he bought briyani for himself and bought a can of coke for me.

This photo is taken in the kopitiam.. Oooh.. Looks yummy.. but no thanks.. i dont want any.

Please dont be mistaken, this is not a piece of artifact from Qin Shi Huang's tomb. Nor is this some comet that has just fallen right infront of my toes in Little India. No.. it is not from alien space.. Make a guess...









Nobody got it? its a piece of cracker from the briyani! Dammit. My fren offered me a piece of this cracker and told me,"Its nice right, i know you like it."

Wish i can stranggle him.

Photo of Briyani... ok.. it doesnt looks ok on my Samsung hp but it looks.... Eeewww.. here...

Besides complaining, i must admit at least something nice turns out too. He got me a cake and gave me $100 ang bao.

Nice cake and it taste nice too. I love fruit cakes!!! Well well.. overall, i am still very disappointed and i think it is the worst bday celebration in my life!!! Tonight i have got another celebration. Hope it will be better..

OH YAH! I think i hit the target of receiving 10 sms today! yoohoo... will post them up later.